Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Anna is Student of the Month! Bethany is Student of the Month!

Yes, both girls were picked to be Student of the Month, out of their classes.  Go girlies!  They were SO proud to tell us this.  There was an assembly yesterday recognizing them (and others from other classes/grades) for their accomplishment.  Way to go Anna and Bethany! :)

Anna up front.  So proud! :)
The kids, grades K through 3rd.  Anna and Bethany are in the front, at the far right
Anna going up for her certificate

Proud of herself :)
Bethany going up front for her certificate

Anna Pie! :)
Our Bethany! :)
So proud of our girlies!...and actually all 5 kids!  They are all doing wonderful at school!
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Michelle Sawn said...

just wondering if you were going to post anymore pictures cos I love seeing the blog

Anonymous said...

I've been wondering the same thing. I miss reading your blog!

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