Sunday, October 13, 2013

Trip to Tucson

We had fun visiting southern Arizona with the Lemke cousins in the spring of 2013 so we wanted to go back and check out more! We took a trip to Tucson, AZ. We when we wanted to check out two places: 1) the Kartchner Caverns and 2) the Pima Air & Space Museum. Both didn't disappoint us! Both were AMAZING! We highly recommend anyone visiting Arizona, southern AZ to be specific, to check them out. We also spent some afternoons down by the pool and spa. The kids loved that! ;) We got to try a few fun restaurants too. All in all, a good little fall break trip!

Checking out our timeshare unit ;)

Grammy came along with us on the trip :)
Suzan, always has to color, no matter where! ;)
Checking out the Murphy bed. The kids have never seen one before.
We also brought our S'mores supplies :)
Bed time. The girls' room ;)

At Kartchner Caverns. No pictures were allowed in the caverns so all of these posted here are what I found online. They don't do it justice, though! It is awe-inspiring! Amazing!
The caverns, from the outside. It's crazy to think that the caverns are under those little mountains.

I believe this is Kubla Khan

Cave bacon! The kids got a hoot out of that! :D
Out for dinner at a yummy Mexican restaurant. Mmm! Great handmade tamales!

The next day, and our last, was a visit to Pima Air & Space Museum. Here are just a "few" of my favorites of the aircrafts :) Here, a Vought A-7D Corsair II
Checking out the Martin PBM-5A Mariner
The girls loved these little planes :) A Bellanca 14-13-2 Crusair
Brielle with the Starr Bumble Bee, once recorded as the smallest aircraft from 1949.
Now outside to check out MORE! There are HUNDREDS of aircraft on site!
The craziest helicopter I have ever seen! A Sikorsky CH-54A Tarhe
I loved this huge plane! A Convair B-36J Peacemaker
Another Stratofortress, a Boeing NB-52A
Check out all of the missile/bomb markings on its side. Wow!
Paul's been in one of these! A Boeing KC-97G Stratofreighter, used to refuel planes midair.
Ahhh! NASA! Their "Vomet Comet" ;) ...or also known as a Boeing KC-135A Stratotanker
Another aircraft used by NASA, to transport segments of rockets. An Aero Spacelines 377-SG Super Guppy. Doesn't it look like a guppy? ;D
Ooo! So cool! This became known as "Freedom One" after serving in the return of the American hostages from Tehran, Iran in 1981. The technical name of it is a Boeing VC-137B.
Used by the Navy for radar uses, a Grumman E-1B Tracer
A Superfortress, a Boeing KB-50J. I love it! :)
A Boeing EC-135J Straotanker. Very similar to the KCs in that refuel aircraft midair. So cool!
Get.out.of.TOWN! Air Force One for Presidents Kennedy and Johnson, 1961-1965. So cool!

So many huge planes! So.many! A Lockheed C-141B Starlifter
An oldie here ;) A TWA plane! Once was used in WWII and then given back to TWA for an airliner. A Lockheed L-049 Constellation
What makes this plane different it that they placed the jet engines to exhaust over the wings. A Boeing YC-14
And lastly, you've got to love the Blue Angels :) A Grumman F-11A Tiger...
And a McDonnell Douglas F/A-18A Hornet. They are so sool!
Then, on our way out of Tucson, after the Air Museum, we went to a yummy sandwich restaurant for lunch. So good!!

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