Saturday, October 05, 2013

Anna and Bethany get eye glasses

My two little peas in a pod!  Yes, they are "part quadruplets" but they are also "part identical."  I know folks always (and when I mean "always," I mean...well..."ALWAYS!" ;) ) ask me when they learn we have quadruplets, "wait!?  but they (pointing to Anna and Bethany) look identical?!?!"  I reply with "yes, they are.  but they (referring to Suzan and Brielle) are not."  It baffles people.  And frankly, it baffles me at times ;)  Like lately, with Anna and Bethany.

I have learned much by carrying, birthing and raising quadruplets but I will say I have also learned MUCH by having identicals.  Yes, they look identical (well, but not to the Mama ;D ) but they are TOTALLY different.  The way they carry themselves.  The way they walk and run.  The way they talk.  Their personalities and preferences (yes folks, identicals CAN be different!  "*gasp!*  are you serious?!?!" ;) ).  Even their fingerprints, as Paul has researched, are different!  However, their genes and DNA are the same.  SAME!  I've recently witnessed time when only the two of them got sick with a weird rash virus.  Only they got it and reacted...with their hearing...with their speech...and now, with their eyesight.  They both need eye glasses.  They both have astigmatisms and, crazy enough (you know those identical genes!), their prescriptions are almost identical (almost, because there is always that "margin of error").

So today, their glasses came in.  Thankfully, they are super excited to wear them!  They know that Dad wears glasses (albeit, 99% of the time he wears contacts).  They know Mom wears glasses (albeit, 99% of the time I don't need to wear them).  They know Grammy and G & G Carlson wear glasses.  And even some of their teachers wear glasses!  So they are totally cool with it - Amen for that!

I think they look super cute and sweet!

They have to wear their glasses all waking hours!  It will take some getting used to for them and they know that.  We know that.  Now, though, they can clearly see and we are happy for that!
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Aunt Candy said...

They look darling.

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