Saturday, September 14, 2013

A 5th tooth out for Bethany! Or is it a 5th AND 6th?

Bethany lost her fifth tooth today, actually in the middle of naptime! Or is it her fifth and sixth teeth? She pulled out her "funky tooth," which I "think" is a fused tooth. In any case, I am impressed she got it out all on her own. The dentist said, with the root being SO big (really 2 roots), we might need some "help" getting it out, e.g. the dentist extracting it.'s out! Whew!

The tooth!  Look at that thing!  It's HUGE!!!!
The toothless grinning girly ;)
I tell you, Bethany (and Anna, at 5 teeth out too!...and a 6th hanging on by a thread!) keeps popping teeth out!  The permanents are right behind the babies too, coming up immediately or are right behind the babies.  This is new for me, as Jared didn't loose teeth until the end of 1st grade (or 7 years old)!  Anna lost her first tooth just here in May, at the end of preschool, and both Anna and Bethany have lost quite a few this first quarter of Kindergarten.  Wow!

It will take me some time, now, to see Bethany without her "funky tooth."  I always saw her with that smile :)
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