Sunday, September 22, 2013

Star of the Week! Brielle!

Brielle was picked to be Star of the Week this week! Yay! She got to take home Independence Bear for an entire week, take him on some fun outings, write about having him visit/stay with her, bring in a fun "guessing jar" of Rolos to her class and helped make her "me" poster to share with her class. A good week for Brielle'y! :D

Brielle with Independence Bear.  She LOVED this guy!
At ballet class...
Making a Rainbow Loom bracelet with Big Brother, Jared...
On our way to church...
At lunch, after church...

Brielle, excited to bring in her "me" poster to share with her class and teacher :)
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Saturday, September 14, 2013

A 5th tooth out for Bethany! Or is it a 5th AND 6th?

Bethany lost her fifth tooth today, actually in the middle of naptime! Or is it her fifth and sixth teeth? She pulled out her "funky tooth," which I "think" is a fused tooth. In any case, I am impressed she got it out all on her own. The dentist said, with the root being SO big (really 2 roots), we might need some "help" getting it out, e.g. the dentist extracting it.'s out! Whew!

The tooth!  Look at that thing!  It's HUGE!!!!
The toothless grinning girly ;)
I tell you, Bethany (and Anna, at 5 teeth out too!...and a 6th hanging on by a thread!) keeps popping teeth out!  The permanents are right behind the babies too, coming up immediately or are right behind the babies.  This is new for me, as Jared didn't loose teeth until the end of 1st grade (or 7 years old)!  Anna lost her first tooth just here in May, at the end of preschool, and both Anna and Bethany have lost quite a few this first quarter of Kindergarten.  Wow!

It will take me some time, now, to see Bethany without her "funky tooth."  I always saw her with that smile :)
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Sunday, September 08, 2013

Tooth Fairy to come!...again!

She had me try to pull it out at bedtime, tonight, but I couldn't. I told her "you keep trying!" Minutes later, after saying "goodnight," she came running out telling me "mom! i got it out! i got it out! look!" Lo and behold, there it was. Her second bottom tooth. Go Bethany! :)
So Tooth Fairy, please stop by our house!...again! ;)  And we'll probably see you soon...again :D
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Thursday, September 05, 2013

Coloring Contest Winner!

Suzan's hours and hours of coloring have paid off! She won a prize for the best coloring page (out of her Kinder class)! Yay! So she received a $5 gift certificate to use towards our school's Book Fair. She was/is SOOOO proud!! :)

Suzan with her $5 gift certificate from the school librarian.  We went to the Book Fair this evening and she got to use the award money towards a fun little kit :)
Her coloring page, posted just outside the school library.
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