Friday, August 30, 2013

Rainbow Loom

We finally broke down and purchased the latest craze in kids crafts...a Rainbow Loom. I first heard about these on Facebook and via my Michaels subscription emails.  Then, the kids came home from school wearing a bracelet or two that friends of theirs made and gave to them.  So, I had to check these out.  It looked like something all of them would really enjoy.  Thanks to freebie money I had accumulated at Amazon, I broke down and got a Loom for them.  They counted down the days until it came in the mail.  And it did!  They were super excited that we got it in the mail today!

Jared and Suzan, chomping at the bit to make some loom bracelets!
The girls watch as Jared makes one

I will say that it took us some time to figure out the loom, e.g. how to loop on the bands, which way to pull the bands over.  I think Jared has mastered the "beginner" one.  I tried, thanks to the manufacturer's how-to tutorial videos, to make an"advanced" one for Bethany...and it turned out!  It's definitely at Jared's age level (9).  The girls (5)?  Eh, not so much.  However, they can pick out the colors and place the bands on the loom.  I just have to maneuver the hook and loop the bands over.

We have already made a bracelet for each kiddo.  Suzan has been asking me ALL DAY to now make another one ;)

I'd say it's a hit in our home here! :)
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