Monday, July 22, 2013

Back to School! Suzan's, Anna's, Bethany's and Brielle's First Day of Kindergarten!

We are here.  I can't believe this day has come!  I feel like they were just little "baby blobs" or toddlers toddling around.  Now our girlies are off to school!  Kindergarten!  To say they were excited for today is an understatement ;)  I don't know if they really slept last evening ;)

Here are some pics of Suzan's, Anna's, Bethany's and Brielle's first day of Kindergarten!

Their backpacks, all ready to go!
Their water bottles and lunch bags all out
I told the kids they could pick out their favorite cereal for the first day of school.  Anna and Suzan chose Trix ;)
Bethany and Brielle went with Lucky Charms ;)  Eh, it gives them some sugar energy for playground time at school :D
Lunches made and ready to pack!
The kids ready for our walk to school!  Brielle, Anna, Jared, Bethany and Suzan
At school, on the Kinder playground!


I love Anna's look here :D
I think Suzan is trying to race this guy ;)
Brielle (yes, their playground is fenced out and NO parents allowed inside :) )
The bell rang!  Freeze!  Hands on knees and DON'T MOVE!
Lined up and ready to go in!
Bye Suzan and Anna!

Bye Bethany and Brielle!
My little baby girls are in school!  Gone all day!  Man, does our house sound and feel quiet.  Alone ;)

Praying they have a great first day of Kindergarten!  I can't wait to hear about it from them!
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Anonymous said...

Wow! They started school early! Cute pics!

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