Friday, July 19, 2013

Our Summer - Day 51

Our last Friday before school starts. We took a trip to the library :)
Not much (or really anything) planned for our last weekend before school starts.  We'll just hang out and get the kids ready for their first day.

I still can't believe the girlies will be starting Kinder!  I was just playing with them this evening after bathtime, "rocking" them in my arms thinking "man, weren't you just wee little babies?!?!"  Now, they are 5 and starting their "big kid" school years!  And how is Jared a 4th grader?  I remember making good, long-time friends (whom I still keep in contact with) in 4th grade.  Now, my son is in 4th?  Yup, I feel old - Ha! ;D
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Stephanie Eddy said...

I can't believe school is beginning so soon in your area! Does everyone ask you, What are you going to do with ALL your free time? Your blog is wonderful and inspiring. I found you on google, and am the owner of and you posted one of our ornaments some years ago and I just found it online. So I wanted to thank you so much for the post! The artist that personalized your ornament, Amanda, is expecting her first baby in September! So alot has happened for her since she did her beautiful lettering on your family heirloom!

The Carlsons said...

That's so cool how you came across our blog! We still have that ornament. I love it! :) Congrats to Amanda on her baby :)

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