Thursday, July 18, 2013

Our Summer - Day 47

Day 3 - more fishing (Bethany and Brielle each catch one!), a road trip with little trail walk/hike and more S'mores (in the rain)

Paul and Jared helping making "lumberjack breakfast packets." Yum!

The girls, still enjoying their bug kits. They found lots of worms/night crawlers too!
Fishing again! Suzan caught a crayfish!
We threw him back, though. Paul talks about figuring out how to catch them (they are abundant at Big Lake!) and have a Boil. Hm...I might need to bring PB&J for me ;)
Brielle catches a Rainbow Trout! Yay! Almost as big as her!

Now Bethany catches a Rainbow Trout! That makes 3 for us (1 for Maria, 1 for Brielle and 1 for Bethany)!!
After fishing we took a drive to check out another lake, Reservation Lake. It was a beautiful drive up to the lake!

Then we found a stream zig zagging it's way through the valley. You can fish in it (fly and only catch and release) and we did see two men fishing in it. Cool!

The kids :) Brielle, Bethany, Jared, Anna and Suzan (probably a bit grumpy/groggy as we woke her from her van nap ;) )
Anna, Jared, Bethany, Brielle and Suzan
Down by the stream
There was a little trail there too

Love the little pine trees :)

And more cattle on the drive back
"moooooo!" ;)
Our fish for dinner! Three!
Brielle's big one!
And Mama's
Cooking on the camp fire, along with some chili for Frito Chili Pie (which was yummy too!)
After dinner, making S'mores in the rain :)
A rare and unseen picture! Of the Mama! ;D
Hm...more rain for us? You think?
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