Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Our Summer - Day 46

Day 2 - bug catching, fishing (Maria catches one!) and S'mores!

Jared, making us breakfast.  Well, helping Paul out in making breakfast ;)
The girls catching whatever they can get their hands on for their bug kits ;)

Anna's spider ;P
Views of the lake.  Ahhhhhhh!

Our campsite
Mmmm!  Breakfast time!

Off to fish.  This reminds me of the opening of The Andy Griffith Show ;)
Bethany fishing
Anna fishing
Brielle fishing
Suzan fishing
Jared fishing
I got this shirt for Jared.  I think he likes it :)

The kids found a water snake!
Then we moved to across the lake to fish at another site.

We saw/had these big storm clouds a LOT!
Suzan trying on Daddy's sunglasses ;)
Bethany lookin' cool :D
On the drive back to camp we came across some cattle crossing the road ;)
After dinner it is S'mores time!
We really didn't have any cell coverage.  But when I could get a signal, I would get a radar update from my phone.  This is from Sunday.  Lots of storm activity!
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