Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Our Summer - Day 45

Yes, we were gone for a while ;)  It's going to take me a day or two to get "caught up" on what we've been up to but...it will get there ;)

We went camping again! We went back to our "first place, first love"...Big Lake. We enjoyed it so much last year (2012), with much cooler weather (high in the 70s, low in the 50s), huge pines and a beautiful lake, that we wanted to go there again. So we did! :) Even though it rained every single day on us (it's monsoon season) we had fun...got to take a few road trips, played, hiked/walked around a bit, enjoyed the campfires and got in some fishing. Yay! :)

Day 1 - the drive up and our first afternoon/evening at camp
Driving into the Miami/Globe area
The cities are (or maybe were?) big mining towns
They still have one mining company there. One that mines copper and gold.
Then we spotted these cattle grazing on top of the mining hills. How odd?!
Getting into the Salt River Canyon. It's like a mini Grand Canyon!

Very beautiful!
There's an old bridge at the bottom of the canyon. You don't go over it though (there's a new bridge built next to the old one)

We arrived at Big Lake!
And are welcomed with this...monsoon rain ;)
Our campsite. We opted to "rent" their provided tents. We weren't sure we would enjoy our tent in the rain. And good thing we used their tent because it rained hard for the 4 days we were there!
Getting a campfire going for dinner

Enjoying dinner...hot dogs, baked beans and chips :)

An after-dinner walk along the lake shore
Views of the lake at sunset
Soooo pretty!
Next up, day 2.  And maybe day 3 :)
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