Thursday, July 11, 2013

Our Summer - Day 43

Now, I can say that we are OFFICIALLY done with swim lessons for this summer!  Whew!  6 weeks of lessons.

  • Jared = 1200 minutes of lessons
  • Suzan = 880 minutes of lessons
  • Anna = 880 minutes of lessons
  • Bethany = 880 minutes of lessons
  • Brielle = 720 minutes of lessons

Suzan's, Anna's and Bethany's last class

Here, they were going over their "chicken, star, rocket" skills...CHICKEN!
Jared's last class. They are doing the back stroke.
Brielle's last class

Brielle's class got to play on the play structure on the last day. Fun!
Brielle coming down!

The girls and their "swim friend," Charlotte. We met Charlotte last year, when the girls had swim lessons with her back then. Then, sometime over the year, we ran into her and her mom at the park. We were blessed to see her and her mom again this summer for swim lessons!  Yay!  I think all of the girls had a class with her, Brielle be the last one with her. Charlotte is 5 (also a March birthday) and will be going into Kinder just like the girls, just a different school. How fun to make friends! :)
I had to take one of the boy too :D
Only a little over a week left of our summer break!  **sniff, sniff**  Then it's back to school.  The girls get excited any time we drive by their new school (used to be "Jared's school" but now "everyone's school" ;) ).  They squeal real loud ;)  And Jared just received a sweet post card today from his new 4th grade teacher.  Awe!  What fun our 5 will have this coming school year!
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Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh....what date does your school start? We don't start school until Sept 4.

The Carlsons said...

We start on July 22. Yes, it's early but we are on a modified year-round school schedule. So then every 9 weeks (or quarter) we have a 2.5 week break. Come October we will have our fall break, then a Christmas one in December/January and then a spring one in March. It's nice, especially here in AZ where we can enjoy our "cooler months" ;D

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