Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Our Summer - Day 41

The kids enjoyed their first night of Extreme Week last evening!  The girls couldn't stop talking about it.  So cute! :)  I am glad they had fun.

We had swim lessons this AM.  All of the girls are swimming like fishes and Jared is becoming more and more a swimming stroke expert.  I am so happy they love swimming, are comfortable with the water/pools and get excited about their lessons and teachers! :)  Only a few more days of lessons and then we are done with them until next summer (how can that be?!).  They've had a good 6 weeks of lessons!

The biggest event for today was this...
My poor, poor van! :( It got towed to the dealership this afternoon. This morning, it started making a really bad squeal/squeak noise (which I thought was a belt...something simple). However, when we drove home from swim lessons and parked it, smoke/steam started coming out of it. Not good! With Paul's and a neighbor's help, we saw there was nothing in the radiator and nothing in the overflow. Uff! So, Paul filled it back up, getting it ready to drive to the dealership for repairs when immediately after filling it, it leaked all out. No way Paul was going to drive it 20 minutes (mind you, in our AZ heat) and then have it blow up and overheat on him. So we forked out the $$ for a tow :P Hopefully the van gets repaired quickly, as we are supposed to go camping soon!

I tell you, you realize how much you use your vehicle when you don't have it.  Hm...no way to tote me and 5 kids in our Honda sedan?  Hm...no way to go to the grocery store or run an errand with kids in tow?  Hm...how are we going to go to Extreme Week or swim lessons or take Jared to his Science Camp?  Praise God for Grammy's extra set of wheels and that Paul's work is flexible enough for him to "caravan" with us.  Thankfully, we don't have a lot of things for the kids to get to (just those 2 or 3, and thankfully they are early or late in the day).  Otherwise, we can hang out inside our air conditioned home and play :)  Or go outside, jump into our pool and swim :)
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