Sunday, July 07, 2013

Our Summer - Day 39

Probably the biggest news from today is that one of the girls lost her tooth!  And it's...Anna!  Yes, her again ;)  This makes it Anna's second tooth to lose.  None of the other girls have lost a tooth.  She wiggled it and wiggled it late yesterday evening but it wasn't until this morning, minutes before leaving for church, that it came out.  Finally!  She was SO excited!  It's one of her top front teeth.  Oh, and she had her big brother pull it out - Ha!  So now we say that we have our own, in-house dentist. Dr Jared Carlson, DDS, DMD, FAGD, MAGD :D

Here at church.  Yes, she wanted to bag it and bring it to church, to show her Sunday School class and teacher, which she did :)  Very proud of her tooth! this rate she might lose all of her 4 front teeth (top and bottom) before any of her sisters lose a single one ;D
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