Thursday, July 04, 2013

Our Summer - Day 36

We had a great Independence Day!  I have pictures to post but, oh, it's way too late for me to stay up some more.  I promise, tomorrow! :)

We did:
- swim lessons in the AM for the kids
- came home, hung out and then had more swimming in our pool and a yummy grilled lunch with family (Grammy, Aunt Lylia, Cousins Jayson and Lisa and Cousin Nicole)
- in the afternoon, chilled some more
- then went to our friend's home (Ryan, Suzan, G and T B - what great friends!!) for dinner, playtime, fireworks and dessert
- now, we are back home and, *yawn*, getting to bed ;D

We hope and pray you all had a great 4th of July!  We praise God for the country he has given us, the men and women who fight and serve it (military and non-) and the freedoms our country has been founded on.  We continue to pray for our country, for our beliefs in God, for us to follow Christ and make Godly decisions for our country and the generations to come and for Americans to love and support one another.

**Updated with pictures...finally! ;) **

The kids on the 4th! Or, I should say, a day or two after the 4th ;) Eh, better late than never! Suzan, Anna, Jared, Bethany and Brielle
Some of our decorations

Grandpa Carlson emailed this picture to the kids to color...Anna's
Jared's flag he made and Bethany's and Suzan's coloring.
Swim time! Anna
Aunt Lylia (being silly with a diving ring ;) ) and Cousin Nicole
Brielle with Grammy
I think these two were glued to each other the entire swim time - Ha! ;)
Suzan swimming to Cousin Lisa
Cousin Jayson and Jared..."Jared, get on my shoulders!" he said ;)
Anna with Cousin Nicole's sunglasses = cute!!
Brielle cute too
A family picture (minus me, taking the pic ;) )
The Arizona 7 Carlsons
The twinsees ;)
Jared and Paul at our friend's home, setting off a tank
Some backyard play :) Jared
Baby G :)
Jared's giving Suz a push - Ha! ;)
Brielle "raking" ;D
Time for fireworks! I got the kids these red, white and blue glow necklaces. Super fun to twirl them around (and Mama takes a cool picture!)...Anna

All of the kids :)

Brielle setting one off with Dad
Sparkler time! Bethany
Brielle with a sparkler
Jared with a sparkler
Suzan B, double-fisted with sparklers!
Suzan B set off NINE fireworks at the same time! Whoa, that's bright! ;)
We had a fun Independence Day 2013!
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