Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Our Summer - Day 35

I'm a bit tuckered out!  We spent the morning with swim lessons and grabbed groceries afterwards.  Then, we met Grammy for open swim time at our city pool.  So, more swimming and more fresh air and 101*+ temperatures.  We ate lunch with Grammy afterwards too.  When we finally came back home, in the afternoon, the kids watched their 30 minutes of TV.  I think I zonked out for a bit there ;)  Yes, it's nap time!  Er, bed time now, I guess ;D

While I did a few things around the house this afternoon, the kids played for a bit. I saw them
1) having a tea party (with water and the girls' tea sets),
2) playing hide-and-go-seek,
3) coloring some 4th of July pics from Grandpa C (Jared also made a paper US flag, taped it to a wooden dowel and it's now planted in our front yard :) )
and 4) puzzles/games.

Here, Suzan putting together a puzzle
Anna - "take a picture of me and my puzzle, mama!" :)
Brielle and her puzzle
Jared. Hm...what is he up to? Have a guess? Yes, Minecraft ;)
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