Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Our Summer - Day 34

After the kids' swim lessons this AM, we came back home and swam some more. Lots of fun!
Suzan, Anna and Bethany have been moved up to the "big kids" class, aka Seahorse.  They are in the deeper end of the pool now and swimming for 50 minutes.  They are learning lots!  I wish I could have enrolled Brielle in the class but it's crazy madness at registration time so the class filled up quicker than I could type on the computer :(  I was lucky to get three girls in the class (class size is six).  Brielle is still swimming but just in her "old" class.  I'm sure she can get into the bigger-kid class next time!  Besides, she'd rather be swimming than sitting out and watching her sisters/brother for 50 minutes ;)

We have more swimming tomorrow!  Our kids are doing great at it...and getting a bit of a tan ;) (Mama passed on some concentrated melanin genes to the kids ;) )
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