Monday, July 01, 2013

Our Summer - Day 33

We had some extra/earned money on our Lego VIP card so the girls and I went to the Lego Store and got 2 little sets for them. These sets come from the Lego Friends line.

Brielle and Bethany put together one set.

And then Suzan and Anna put the other set together

Then, in the middle of taking a Lego building break, we had this little guy come visit us. His name is Joey. We saw him wandering on our back patio and he was panting hard. I felt bad so I let him in, for some water and a break from our 119* outside. Apparently, he came from a house in the neighborhood behind us. He went out his owner's dog's doggy door - Ha! He was really sweet and friendly, totally walking around and checking out our home. We called his owner who came over and got him. The kids LOVED having this little visitor over for a few minutes. You would have thought it was Christmas for the kids; they were SO excited and following him around everywhere! Yes, we are working on getting us another kitty...for the kids ;D
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