Monday, July 22, 2013

Back to School! Jared's First Day of 4th Grade!

Oh, my boy!  I can't believe he is in 4th grade!  He gets bigger and bigger every second!  He is excited to be back.  He teacher, Miss A, is really nice and I know is a great fit for him!  He already has some old friends in his class too.

Here are pictures of his first day! :)

I told the kids they could pick out their favorite cereal for the first day of school. Jared chose Lucky Charms ;)  Eh, it gives him some sugar energy for playground time at school :D
Making his own lunch - YAY! :D
Jared with his sisters, ready for our walk to school
My big and sweet 4th grader!  Love him!! :)
At school
He found some of his friends, Will and Creighton
The 4th grade classes
The bell rang!  All ready to go in to school and learn!
I told him to keep an eye out for his sisters.  He happens to have lunch right before them so maybe their paths with cross :)

Praying his has a great first day of 4th!  I can't wait to hear about it!
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