Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Our Summer - Day 6

We had more swimming today!  I'm so blessed that our kids love the water and love swimming!  Even though it's only day 2 of lessons, they are doing great!

Jared, ready for more swimming!
Suzan, the fish!
Anna, the excellent bobber
Bethany, the shark
Brielle, the cannonball
Then, after lessons, we went with Grammy to the Arizona Museum of Natural History today. We went to this museum when our Lemke family/cousins came out back in October 2009. Then, Jared's 2nd grade class last went to this museum last year for a field trip and he has been talking, begging and pleading for us to go back. He must really like it! ;) So, with some of our library's Culture Passes we took the girls and Grammy to the museum this summer. We had fun!

In the museum's lobby.  LOTS of dinosaurs around!!

What a crazy rocking horse! Er, Pterosaur ;)
Brielle told me "mom! take our picture!" Cute! :)

Our engineer, Jared, enjoyed this wall. He was trying to make it work!

Hey, who's on the big screen TV?!?! ;)
Oh no! ;D
The museum also houses a real Arizona territorial jail. These were the only brave souls that would go into a cell. Suzan, Anna and Bethany refused. And I couldn't just because I was the picture taker ;)
I guess the kids really liked this huge crystal :)
Can you guess why I had to take this picture? Brielle said "mom! take my picture! it's PURPLE!" ;D
They had a little kids' corner with some fun activities. My kids can't leave coloring alone! ;)

More dinosaurs!
Gotta take a picture with T-Rex!
Then, outside, the museum had a little place to pan for gold. Er, fools gold (pyrite) that is ;)

I love how Brielle is trying to pour in the entire contents of the pan, the gold AND the sand, into her baggy ;)
Suzan and Jared were the most serious about this panning business. It looks like she's trying to count her loot! ;D
Suzan - "ooo! i see MORE gold!!!!!" ;)
Jared looking all serious too! And so is Brielle!
And last picture of today...there's nothing like water balloons after dinner!
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