Monday, June 03, 2013

Our Summer - Day 5

Uff! Nothing like waking up to this guy! A scorpion! BLECH!!!!! :P
Paul caught it and put it in a glass jar, so the kids could see it. Man, did we drill into them "if you EVER see one of these, turn, run/walk away and go tell Mom or Dad! DON'T touch it or get near it!" Nasty little things!!!!! :P
Today was our first day of swim lessons! Here, Anna's and Suzan's class
They are doing bobs under water here
Tummy floats

Jared's class. He's swimming through a hula hoop

Brielle's and Bethany's class
Bobs for them too :)
Tummy floats too!

At the end of their class, their teacher let them jump in. Brielle did it. Not Bethany though ;)
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