Saturday, June 01, 2013

Our Summer - Day 3

The kids love to color (well, mostly just the girls). So Paul suggested "taking them to the next step" and check out some "how to draw" books from the library.
They have been enjoying the drawing books. Here are a few of Bethany's drawings :)
And Brielle proud of her butterfly :)
Then, in the afternoon, we spent some time doing some Kinder work...math, spelling, handwriting. I had everyone on a rotation, 2 doing the paper and book work...
And then 2 doing some computer work with HOP Pop Fox...
And Starfall
Jared was busy running around taking random pictures with his own camera on my tripod.  That and helping the computer girls on Starfall.  What a great little helper he is!

I think we spent 2.5 hrs on the Kinder work!  Uff!  But rotating, equally, among 4 eager girls takes some time ;D
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