Thursday, June 27, 2013

Our Summer - Day 29

Some drawings by the girls :)
What the kids did this morning after swim lessons :) Brielle coloring
Bethany coloring
Jared playing with a sister, with Play-Doh. He made a banana ice cream sundae - YUM! :)

Anna made a Play-Doh gingerbread man cookie :)

Suzan playing with her Lego sets
Not much happened for us today.  The kids finished up their 2nd session swim lessons today.  I signed them up for one more session of lessons.  They start next week and run for two weeks.  The big change is some of the girls will be moved up to the "big kid" class, where they swim for 50 minutes (versus 30) and in the deeper end.  Wow!  We'll see how that goes ;)

Jared had his Science Camp again today.  He's enjoying that.  Oh, and I took the 5 kids in to the shoe store, for new sneakers for school.  That's a lot of shoes! ;D

Tomorrow, we have something fun planned with Grammy.  Eeee! :D
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