Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Our Summer - Day 28

Today we went, with Grammy, to open swim time at our city's pool. Usually we grab lunch with Grammy afterwards, at "her place." ;D
Jared, eating and watching the Spanish TV channel - Ha! ;)
Brielle (and Suzan)
Bethany, checking out the Spanish TV channel too ;)
The girls got their library summer reading program book prizes! Suzan and her book.
Anna and hers
Brielle and her book prize
Bethany with her cool book
Of course, they all had to immediately sit down and start reading (or looking) through them :)
Can I just say that we are about (or a little more than) halfway through our summer break. Wow! And Ack! I can't believe my kids will be gone and back to school in less than a month. **sniff, sniff** :(
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