Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Our Summer - Day 27

We went out for donuts for dessert after dinner this evening. Let me give you a bit of back story. We've been hearing Anna talk about her "Brown Dog" eating chocolate donuts for breakfast in the mornings. Or donuts for lunch. Well, Paul took it upon himself to ask Brown Dog what we should have for dessert this evening (**or maybe Paul thought we were being left out of Brown Dog's donut consumption ;) ) Guess what Brown Dog's answer was? Yes, donuts :) We drove but Brown Dog led the dessert endeavor for us ;D

Brown Dog letting us in on the "surprise" for dessert :)
Yes, of course Brown Dog came with us! He's leading us! ;)
Picking out the donuts
Mmmm! Now enjoying them! Anna.  I think Brown Dog took a bite of that chocolate sprinkled one! :D
Suzan. I think she choose a plain glazed one
Jared, with his vanilla glazed sprinkled one
Brielle and her chocolate glazed one. YUM!
Bethany, another fan of the chocolate glazed ones.
And did Paul and I enjoy one? Of course! We both love the boston cream donuts. Or is it bavarian cream?  Eh, either way they taste yummy!
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