Saturday, June 22, 2013

Our Summer - Day 24

Today we picked up Jared from his time a church camp this week.  He had lots of fun!  It was neat to hear his stories from camp, all that he did and learned.  I think he was a bit tired, though...what, with 10:30PM lights out and 7AM rise and shine?  Maybe that did it?  And the non-stop schedule the kids were on?  Yeah, I think he will sleep well tonight, in his own bed :)

We're coming to pick up the boy from church camp and we see their buses at the stop light! Ha! :)
He's home!
And he says he had a fun time at camp!
He says he would totally do it again and wants to go next summer.  So fun!  Oh, and Paul asked him if he missed us.  He said "mmm, a little."  Ha! ;)

I am beyond thrilled that he took a leap of faith, did something he's never done before, did it ON HIS OWN, had fun and wants to do it again.  What a great boy he is and young man he is growing in to!

I will say that I love having him back home and have been giving him non-stop hugs and kisses.  Eh, what's a Mom do to? ;)

His group leader said he has pictures and some video from camp.  Hopefully we'll get that from him and then I can share here.  Jared said "Mr. Scott took some video of me and a friend on the Screamer Swing."  I can't wait to see that!! :D

Welcome back home sweetheart! :)
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