Friday, June 14, 2013

Our Summer - Day 16

The highlight of our day today was a trip, with Grammy, to the Arizona Science Center.  Thanks to one of those Groupon or Living Social deals, we got a family pass for us for all summer long.  Sweet!

In the lobby of the Science Center. They have this cool telescope that projects what it sees..
...up onto this huge end of a telescope hanging from the ceiling. This is Anna's eye :)
Outside on the patio, fun water contraptions for the kids

This is the "Many Hands Make a Home" room, where kids can check out how homes are built. Brielle, checking out how hot, cold and drain water moves through a house.
Jared's being an architect, building blueprints :)
Brielle said she was building a jail ;)
Suzan, Anna and Grammy learning about "homes that beat the heat"
Brielle's getting clean in the shower, washing her hair ;D
Bethany too!
Bethany building
Off to the "W.O.N.D.E.R. Center" and "All About Me" rooms
Here, this gentleman is running an experiment with dish soap, glycerol and dry ice
It makes BIG bubbles
That the kids can pop

Now, we are in the "Get Charged Up!" room, learning about electricity, physics and more
And Anna
The kids learn about different pulley systems...Suzan
And pivot points
Oh, and Jared flew an Apache helicopter ;)
More on the pivots
In the "My Digital World." The girls enjoyed making/coloring their own face pictures :)
Oooo! A 3D printer!

Ha! We laughed SO much at this exhibit. Distorting our faces ;)
Then, they had a fun, impromptu experiment. What happens when you put nitro glycerin in a bottle, put it in water and then cover it up in containers?
They take off running!
BOOM! It explodes!
And then comes down in a crash - FUN! :)
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