Thursday, June 13, 2013

Our Summer - Day 15

Today was the kids' last day of swim lessons...for this session (or 2 weeks) I should say.  We have more lessons planned for them the rest of the summer ;D

As a treat for the kids, the instructors turn on the play structure water slides and fountains.  So the girls (and most of the "little kid" classes) got to enjoy it!  Jared's class (and most of the "bigger kid" classes) get to have a little fun too on the last day, playing "sharks and minnows" or just jumping/diving into the deep end.  They all had fun!

This is Suzan's and Anna's class

Suzan just came down the slide. And Anna came down before her

Jared and his class
This is Bethany's and Brielle's class

Brielle came down the slide

Bethany came down the slide

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