Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Our Summer - Day 14

Since the girls are going into Kinder (it's all-day which means they eat lunch at school), we got the girls lunch bags. We let them pick out the animals/colors they wanted. We asked Jared if he wanted a new one too but he said "no." I think he's pretty proud of his lunch bag, since he won it at a zoo trip we went on a while ago ;)

So, today we took a trial-run of the girls and their new lunch bags.  We packed lunches and headed to our local mall for lunch. We had a good outing!
Jared with his prized lunch bag :)
Anna picked out a lady bug
Bethany liked the froggy
Brielle fancied the elephant
And Suzan couldn't go without the kitty
Us having our lunch at the mall. Don't ask me why Bethany gave me that face. You know her? Silly as can be ;D
After our lunch outing at the mall, we came home, watched some TV, read books and colored a bit. This Mama was tired (we had swimming this morning too!) so I said to the kids "let's just lay down, be quiet and close our eyes for a few minutes." Who knew the girls would all conk out! ;) (not Jared though! He read books in his room ;) )

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Monica Bradford said...

Can I ask where you found their lunch boxes and containters? I have one starting kinder and I know she would just love that ladybug. :)
Thanks, Monica

The Carlsons said...

Sure! I got them from Target. They are the Skip Hop brand. Super cute! They have a LOT of other animals too. Oh, and if Target does not have it in stock then carries them too. Have fun shopping! ;) And a good time for your Kinder at her school!

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