Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Our Summer - Day 13

More swim lessons for the kids again this morning.  They still love it and are doing great!

We went to our library to get Jared some more books.  This boy READS!  I am thrilled that he loves to read and does well at it too.  He checked out some more comic books :)  He reads so much that he already completed our library's summer reading program.  He received a certificate and coupon for a free book to order.  So, we came home and he ordered the book "42: The Jackie Robinson Story."  I asked him why this book and he said "I like baseball." :)

Then, after dinner we took a stroll around our neighborhood.  There's nothing like taking an evening stroll around the neighborhood...at 7PM...and in over 100* weather ;)
The kids ;)
We have a little neighborhood lake that the kids like to stop at and make and launch leaf boats. Here, Bethany and her boat :)
There it goes!
Suzan launching hers. Notice the Oleander flower in it, for some "prettiness" ;)
Jared launching one of his and his sisters watching
Anna and her leaf boat :)
Jared watching another boat of his
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