Sunday, June 09, 2013

Our Summer - Day 11

We were very blessed to be invited to a preschool friend's little brother's 2nd birthday! The girls had fun seeing a few of their preschool friends again. All the kids had a blast with games, prizes, food and cake!

Brielle on one of the kiddie rides :)
Anna and Jared
Benjamin (a preschool friend) and Suzan
The boys, racing ;)
I'm playing air hockey with Anna ;)
The birthday boy, Christian!
Charlotte (Ava's little sister), Ava (a preschool friend) and Bethany. I know, Bethany TOWERS over these little girls ;)
The mouse!
Group picture :)
Anna playing against Charlotte (who is maybe 2 ;) )
The birthday boy again :)
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Anne said...

What fun!! Your children are absolutely beautiful! Can't believe how big Jared is now :) I remember holding him as a baby

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