Saturday, June 08, 2013

Our Summer - Day 10

While Jared was gone to a friend's birthday party the girls did puzzles, played and read stories with Dad and Mom.
Suzan, very proud of her artwork she did all by herself on her Lite Brite
A Saturday afternoon of crafts and some more HOP Pop Fox on our computers.

Here, Anna working on her tissue paper art project.
Bethany working on hers
Jared working on his (he still likes crafts ;) )
Bethany, all done with hers. Cute!
Anna and hers (and a silly toothless smile :D ). Pretty!
Jared's done. Nice job!
Brielle working on hers
Suzan working on hers too
Brielle is done. Nice purple owl :)
Suzan's project. Beautiful!
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