Sunday, June 30, 2013

Our Summer - Day 32

It was only a matter of time before I painted my own toenails ;) The girls love them - funny girls!
We got the kids' Extreme Week (formerly VBS, because our church is way too extreme for "ordinary" VBS ;) ) shirts today at church. Here, the girls' t-shirts. They are on the orange team.
The back of the shirts
I love these little footprints :)
Jared's shirt. He's on the blue team.

Then, this afternoon, the girls watched Jared play Minecraft while I got dinner prepared. He's really enjoying Minecraft!  It's very creative- and engineering-minded for Jared, which we love.

Paul set up a server for him and Jared to play Minecraft.  So family and friends, if you are up for it and want to play Minecraft with them, then contact us...**ahem*cough**...thinking of Grandpa Carlson and the Lemkes ;)  I believe you can play in the same "world" with them and if you are new to Minecraft, I'm sure Jared would love to teach you a little about it ;D
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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Our Summer - Day 31

More toenail polishing for this Mama today ;) Anna's piggies...
Then Brielle's
And lastly, Bethany's
All 4 girls are happy campers, having their summer toenail polish on ;) I can't tell you how many "mama, i love my polish! i love having my toenails polished, mama!" I heard today.  They are way too funny and cute :)
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Friday, June 28, 2013

Our Summer - Day 30

Suzan has been asking me and asking me and asking me and asking me...Have I mentioned that she's been asking me? ;) To paint her toenails. So, this morning, I did :) She was a VERY happy camper! And of course, the other girls wanted me to then paint all of their toenails too. I replied with "another day girls" ;)
Grammy and I took the kids to the movie theatre to see Monsters University. I think it was the first theatre movie for the girls! It's a very cute movie and all 5 kids loved it! So did their Mama ;D

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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Our Summer - Day 29

Some drawings by the girls :)
What the kids did this morning after swim lessons :) Brielle coloring
Bethany coloring
Jared playing with a sister, with Play-Doh. He made a banana ice cream sundae - YUM! :)

Anna made a Play-Doh gingerbread man cookie :)

Suzan playing with her Lego sets
Not much happened for us today.  The kids finished up their 2nd session swim lessons today.  I signed them up for one more session of lessons.  They start next week and run for two weeks.  The big change is some of the girls will be moved up to the "big kid" class, where they swim for 50 minutes (versus 30) and in the deeper end.  Wow!  We'll see how that goes ;)

Jared had his Science Camp again today.  He's enjoying that.  Oh, and I took the 5 kids in to the shoe store, for new sneakers for school.  That's a lot of shoes! ;D

Tomorrow, we have something fun planned with Grammy.  Eeee! :D
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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Our Summer - Day 28

Today we went, with Grammy, to open swim time at our city's pool. Usually we grab lunch with Grammy afterwards, at "her place." ;D
Jared, eating and watching the Spanish TV channel - Ha! ;)
Brielle (and Suzan)
Bethany, checking out the Spanish TV channel too ;)
The girls got their library summer reading program book prizes! Suzan and her book.
Anna and hers
Brielle and her book prize
Bethany with her cool book
Of course, they all had to immediately sit down and start reading (or looking) through them :)
Can I just say that we are about (or a little more than) halfway through our summer break. Wow! And Ack! I can't believe my kids will be gone and back to school in less than a month. **sniff, sniff** :(
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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Our Summer - Day 27

We went out for donuts for dessert after dinner this evening. Let me give you a bit of back story. We've been hearing Anna talk about her "Brown Dog" eating chocolate donuts for breakfast in the mornings. Or donuts for lunch. Well, Paul took it upon himself to ask Brown Dog what we should have for dessert this evening (**or maybe Paul thought we were being left out of Brown Dog's donut consumption ;) ) Guess what Brown Dog's answer was? Yes, donuts :) We drove but Brown Dog led the dessert endeavor for us ;D

Brown Dog letting us in on the "surprise" for dessert :)
Yes, of course Brown Dog came with us! He's leading us! ;)
Picking out the donuts
Mmmm! Now enjoying them! Anna.  I think Brown Dog took a bite of that chocolate sprinkled one! :D
Suzan. I think she choose a plain glazed one
Jared, with his vanilla glazed sprinkled one
Brielle and her chocolate glazed one. YUM!
Bethany, another fan of the chocolate glazed ones.
And did Paul and I enjoy one? Of course! We both love the boston cream donuts. Or is it bavarian cream?  Eh, either way they taste yummy!
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Monday, June 24, 2013

Our Summer - Day 26

Some more pics of the boy swimming, from today :)
He said "mom, take a silly one of me!"
Or two silly pictures ;D
My boy :)
He's doing great at the swimming, learning all of the different strokes and kicks
Definitely building skills and endurance!
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