Friday, May 31, 2013

Anna lost her first tooth!

She's had this one tooth on the bottom be loose for a while.  Like maybe the last 2 weeks.  Well, last night, after being tucked in bed, it finally came out!  She was super excited about it!  Her sisters and brother were quite excited for her too ;)  That is so sweet, that they get excited for each other!!  Jared let Anna borrow his "tooth fairy pillow" that his 1st grade teacher, Mrs. P, made and gave to him.  Yes, the tooth fairy came and surprised Anna with a $1 bill :)  She did say she wished that she could have kept that tooth.  She loved how small and cute it was - Ha! ;D

Anna, right after her tooth came out
The next morning.  I love her toothless grin :)
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