Friday, March 08, 2013

The Girls' 5th Birthday Parties/Celebrations

I'm finally posting pictures of Suzan's, Anna's, Bethany's and Brielle's 5th birthday.  Yay! :D


Celebrating with preschool friends! It's Hello Kitty time! :)

Suzan, Bethany, Anna and Brielle playing at the park, waiting for their birthday party to start
Jared and I decorating

The Hello Kitty cake :)
Our five-year-olds! Suzan, Bethany, Brielle and Anna
Friends arrive. Time for some games. They are all Hello Kitty themed. This game is a relay race on who can get the "fish" (aka goldfish crackers) back to their team without dropping it!
Grammy helps Dalton with the "fish"
Grammy and Jared helping Ava with the "fish"
Another game..."Pin the Bow on Hello Kitty" :) Jared
The line
Dalton's turn
Makenna's turn
Suzan's turn
Anna's turn
Bethany's turn
Brielle's turn
Ava's turn
Food time! Pizza!
Dalton and Benjamin
Big Brother :)
Charlotte (Ava's little sister), Ava, Anna, Bethany, Suzan and Brielle
Charlotte and Ava
Bethany and Makenna
Piñata time! Up first, Ava
Then Charlotte
Anna, giving it her all (and in the air)! ;D
Benjamin looks like he's at baseball practice or something here ;) Gentle son!
Dalton. I love the faces of the kids :)
Bethany. I think she's going to pound the thing to death ;D
And Dalton finally hits it open! It was a tough one to break!
Cake time! Brielle
The girls opening some gifts

Dalton's mom made the cutest card! So creative! I'm going to steal this idea :)

The girls with their preschool friends and Big Brother :) Charlotte, Anna, Dalton, Bethany, Ava, Jared, Suzan, Brielle, Makenna and Benjamin
The girls got some sweet gifts from Miss Mary :)
At preschool they got to bring in some yummy cupcakes to celebrate and share with the class :)
Nothing like free Joe's BBQ on your birthday (with Grammy)! :)
The girls with their birthday cards from Grandpa and Grandma Carlson :)
Jared's 3rd grade class made and passed around a card for the girls' birthday. How sweet is that!!!!
The girls playing with some of their birthday gifts

Birthday play, lunch and cupcakes at a park with some friends!

The girls got to play with our friends, the M's, H's and B's :)
Cupcake time! Bethany
The girls opening some gifts from friends

Ah, when you turn 5 you get LOTS of well-visit shots from the pediatrician (needed for Kindergarten). 4 shots for EACH girly :( They did great though. Now, the day or two after were difficult :P
Our good friends, the Murphys, made cards and sent fun books for the girls' birthday :)
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