Saturday, March 23, 2013

Happy 9th Birthday to Jared!

Jared celebrated his ninth birthday this year. It's his last year of single digits! Wow! He's such a sweetheart, loving on his sisters, mom, dad, Grammy and friends. He's smart and does SO well at school...reading WAY above his grade level, loving all that is science, robotics or mechanics and getting on the Honor Roll or Principal's List every quarter!

We celebrated his birthday with cupcakes with Dad, sisters, Mom and Grammy. Then, a few weeks later, he had a fun bowling birthday party with a few friends, our family and Grammy. He had so much fun bowling with his buddies! Enjoy the pics!

On his birthday!  Our birthday boy!  Nine years ago this little 10-pounder was born! ;)
Having cupcakes after his first baseball game of the season
Then, before bedtime, it's opening family presents time!
A Makit & Bakit kit from the Lemke Cousins and a Fuze Gyro-flasher from G&G Carlson
And a Chima Lego kit from Dad and Mom!
Jared loves Angry Birds Space so he asked for that on his cake. We (with Albertsons help ;) ) delivered! :D
Jared, with a new birthday shirt (bday $$ from G&G Carlson!), ready to go to his bowling birthday party!
Jared and his friends, already off bowling!
The girlies (plus Dad, Mom and Grammy) had their own lane to bowl on :)
Jared's friend and next-door neighbor, Will, bowling
Brielle bowling
Grammy bowling
Jared bowling :)
Suzan bowling
Pizza time!
Fun balloons (in Jared's favorite color :) )
Bethany bowling
Ah, the boys :)
Dylan, Bryce, Will, Jared and Creighton
All kids!
Back row - Will, Dylan, Creighton, Bryce and Jared
Front row - Suzan, Bethany, Brielle and Anna
Cake time!
Singing to the birthday boy :)
Our sweet boy! :)
Jared also got some other fun gifts! Jared, with a Lego kit Grammy gave him
And our good friends, the Browns, gave Jared a Nerf gun. Fun!
We are SO blessed to have this sweet boy as our son!  As parents say all the time, "man, do kids grow up fast?!?!"  Yes they do!  I still can't believe he is nine!

We pray, as always, for him as he grows up, physically, emotionally and spiritually...that we can love and support him in all that he does, teach him about Jesus and His Love and guide him in the ways of God.  We love this sweet boy's spirit, enthusiasm and smile :D
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