Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas Baking

We had lots of fun baking some yummy treats over the Christmas holiday.  We made/baked one Christmas treat every weekend before Christmas.  The kids really enjoy baking with The Mama ;D  And they probably enjoy consuming them too - Ha! ;)

Enjoy the pics!

First up, gingerbread cookies!
Anna had to bring out our "The Gingerbread Man" book we have. Cute! :)
Bethany, just decided to bring out Purple Dog so she could get a picture taken too - Ha! ;)
Now decorating their cookies
Anna. Her cookie is about gone there ;D
Suzan, very proud of her gingerbread man :D
Jared, decorated like a professional!
We (or I should say, "I") made Pioneer Woman's toffee squares. SO yummy!
Gingerbread house making time with Grammy!

Jared the Builder ;)
All ready for decorating
The other girls, minus Anna
All decorated. Can you guess the one that Jared did? Yes, the 2nd from the left, with the frosting icicles (of course! ;) )!
We baked up some Christmas sugar cookies. Here, they are frosting and decorating them!
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