Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Great Pumpkin Festival

The girls and I went to our Gardens' Great Pumpkin Festival again this year.  So fun!  I think this is the first year that the girls are really understanding and getting into holidays and celebrations.  They were so excited about the Festival and Halloween this year.  It's been a hoot to see the enthusiasm ooze out of them :)

Here are some pics of our outing!  Enjoy!

Mama and her girls...Brielle, Anna, Bethany, Maria and Suzan
Brielle, Suzan, Bethany and Anna making some pumpkin crafts
Oooo! Tattoos! A butterfly for Brielle
A "girls rule!" one for Anna
A Hawaiian palm tree sunset for Bethany
and an orange smiley face flower for Suzan :)
Time for some carnival games!
Bethany tossing bumblebees into the Saguaro cactus
Brielle and Anna digging in the sand, looking for bugs
Suzan (and other girls in line) for a squash ring toss
Bethany spinning the wheel on "what animal is this?" game
Time for a tractor hay ride to the pumpkin patch! Cool!
The girls on the hay ride...Suzan :)
Bethany and Anna
We made it! Okay, let's go through the hay maze!
Anna's getting SO excited now ;D
The girls found their pumpkins! Suzan
and Bethany (being a goofball ;) )
A very, very quick trip through the petting zoo. Bethany petting the pony.
The girls in the pumpkin patch! Bethany, Brielle, Suzan and Anna
The girls decorating their pumpkins...Anna, Brielle, Suzan and Bethany
Anna's pumpkin
Brielle's pumpkin
Suzan's pumpkin
Bethany's pumpkin
Bethany checking hers out ;)
Waiting for the hay ride back...Anna, Suzan, Brielle and Bethany
Traveling back :) ...Brielle and Bethany
Suzan and Anna
I also updated our Halloween post with some more pictures, e.g. kids carving our pumpkin. Check them out!
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