Monday, November 12, 2012

Our fall 2012 - a Zoo Trip!

We got in a trip to the Phoenix Zoo over our fall break. Yay!  The weather was perfect and most of the animals were out and about for us. I love how excited the kids get seeing all of the different animals. Each child has a "favorite" - cute! :D

An Asian Elephant
Our 5 monkeys, er, kids ;) Bethany, Suzan, Brielle, Jared and Anna
A Jaguar, I believe that was wild and caught in Mexico

An Aldabra Tortoise
A Rhinoceros Iguana
Pelicans in the marshland area
A Golden Conure, I believe
Flamingos...and notice the baby (in grey) in the center. Cute!
Time for a snack and feed our crazy animals! ;) ...Brielle
and Bethany
A Zebra. We even got to see a baby Zebra that was there. So cool!
Giraffe in the Zoo's Savannah area. I believe Bethany asked and asked and asked to see the Giraffes :)
A female and male Lion. Whoa, are they big!!
The Tiger was hiding out behind some grass
One of the two Rhinoceroses. They are always so fun to see, as they are so huge!
A Baboon. Silly creatures! ;0
It must have been a "rest day" for the big cats because the Cheetahs were lounging around too - Ha! ;)
The kids ALWAYS ask to ride on the carousel, which I always say "next time." Well, I guess it was the "next time" ;) ...Suzan
and Jared
The Zoo is always a favorite of ours and we are fortunate that we go and see all of the cool animals.  We love it!
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