Saturday, November 17, 2012

Our fall 2012 - saying goodbye to good friends!

Lastly, on the tail end of our fall break we had to say goodbye to our very, very good friends.  They got the opportunity to "leave Dodge" (aka Hot Arizona ;) ) and go back to Colorado. We are happy for this new road God has them on but are also sad to see them go! We have LOTS of great memories with them, e.g. pregnancies, baby showers, birth of kids, holidays spent together, moms night out (YAY! ;) ), play dates, birthday parties, swim get togethers and much, much more. Man, do we miss them! :( We pray all the best for them and for what God has in store for them in Colorado! We love you Murphys! :D

Here are some pictures of our last visits with them.

Our families all together one last time :)
Russell (in front with the silly look ;) ), Suzan, Bethany, Jared, Brielle, Ryan, Anna and Grace
Patrick, Karen, Maria and Paul
Karen and the kids stayed with us two nights before flying off to Colorado. Here, Grace loved playing with the girls (dressing them up and doing their hair ;) ), Bethany and Suzan.  The girls LOVED having a "sleepover" with Grace.  She's like a big sister to them - so sweet! :)
Other friends of ours, Julia M and her two boys, came by to say goodbye to the Murphys too. So 3 families and 10 kids (Jared was gone to school here). James, Ryan, Suzan, Grace, Brielle, Bethany, Russell, Jude and Anna
Brielle and Bethany loving on Gracie :)
The "pink" girls ;) Anna, Suzan, Grace, Bethany and Brielle
Ryan and Jared. Ryan's like Jared's long lost little brother ;D
Karen and her kids with Jared (going off to school)
Karen and her kids with our girlies (they are off to their preschool)
The Mamas. **sniff, sniff!**
Me (Maria) with Karen and the kids, right before taking them to the airport.
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