Sunday, November 04, 2012

Our fall 2012 - another camping trip!

Man, oh man, am I behind on blogging and posting about what we've been up to this fall.  Well, be patient with me ;)  I'm working on several posts.  This is the first.

Well, we did it. Again. We went camping! Yay! We reserved a spot along Oak Creek in northern Arizona in October. Boy was it fun AND cold! Brrr! We went for 2 nights. We got in some fishing again too. This time we caught some fish! Yay! Technically we caught 2 but the first one snapped off the hook and fell back into the creek. Bummer! Thank goodness the boys caught another one :) We cleaned, cooked and ate it! Yum! It was a Rainbow Trout probably about a half-pounder. We loved the trees, scenery and even caught a glimpse of some of the leaves changing color. So beautiful! Arizona is such a beautiful state! Really!

Enjoy the pics!

Day 1 - On the road.

We're getting close!  Ah, the Red Rocks!
We arrived a bit late but not too late to set up camp.
All 7 of us fit comfortably in our new tent!
Roasting up some dogs for dinner
The fam :)
Gotta have S'mores! Mmmm! Suzan
And Jared
Day 2 - exploring the campgrounds, the camp's general store, the hikes around and the creek fishing

Breakfast :)
"Gone fishing!" ;)
I just thought this was cool looking. Some Bracket Fungus on a fallen tree
Pretty leaves changing colors for fall!
Almost to the fishing hole in the creek
Here we are! And we could see the trout swimming around in the creek!
Paul getting the lines hooked up
Our first fish, the one that got away
Us girls went on a walk/hike to give the boys a chance to fish in peace ;) There was this nice open grass area by these mountains. And lots of blackberry bushes around too (bears had been sighted too, due to the ripening of the berries - ACK!)
The road back to our campsite
Then a little later the boys came back with this. Yay! How fun for them! :)
And this is it all cleaned, cooked and ready to eat. We all got a "nibble" of it. The kids thought it was a blast to see it from creek, to cleaned/gutted, to on ice, to wrapped in foil, to on the fire ring grill and then to the plate :)  They all enjoyed it and said it was yummy!
And while we got the rest of our dinner plated the kids played around the campsite. Here, Brielle finds a huge, white mushroom
Suzan is on the hunt for some bugs to put into her bug kit - Ha! ;)
Anna finds a big rock...and poses with Jared ;)
And Bethany hangs out with Paul :)
Oooo, a rare photo of the Mama, post dinner ;)
Day 3 - We pack it up, in and take off for the road :(

Yay! A family shot! :) Paul, Maria, Jared, Bethany, Anna, Brielle and Suzan.
On the road leaving the campgrounds. Ahhh, the pines! :)
A view of the city from atop a mountain (alongside the road to the city's airport, on the top of the mountain)

What a fun 2nd camping trip for us!  We all loved it.  Now, we can't wait to see where we can camp next :D
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