Monday, November 19, 2012

Chiles & Chocolates

Mmmm!  Chocolate!  Who doesn't love chocolate? ;)  Thanks to our membership to the Gardens we were able to go last week and indulge in some chocolate at the Chiles & Chocolate event they had.  With Grammy in tow, we also got to see two new exhibits at the Gardens, walk around with some Monarch Butterflies and the kids made a few crafts. Needless to say, we all had fun ;D

Enjoy the pics of our outing!

One of the sculptures in the Whispers of a New World exhibit. I believe this is called "barrel cactus."
Another sculpture called "pods"
The kids with Grammy :) Brielle, Suzan, Grammy, Jared, Bethany and Anna
One of four of the sculptures in another exhibit, The Four Seasons. This one is called Autumn.
This is Winter
This is Summer
and this is Spring. They are so cool, each depicting a season!
Jared, Brielle, Bethany, Grammy, Suzan and Anna in front of Autumn (since it is Autumn ;) )
More sculptures from the Whispers of a New World exhibit
The Monarch Butterflies were out and about. So cool! A male, distinguished by the 2 black dots near the bottom hind wings. They are pheromone sacs that attract the females.
After getting lots of chocolate samples the kids got to make three crafts. Brielle, Bethany, Anna, Jared and Suzan. These are Tootsie Roll Ristras
Them with some beaded chile peppers they made
and them with some pepper seed paper they made. They can actually plant the paper in the ground and peppers (bell) will grow - cool!

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