Friday, November 30, 2012

A visit by Mrs. P

We love Mrs. P!  Jared had her as his teacher in 1st grade.  She is the sweetest 1st grade teacher!  Well, the girls now know what teachers Jared had previously and so they love seeing his past teachers at his school.  It happens that Mrs. P is one we see regularly.  She's always there when we pick up Jared from school and she always says "hi!" to the girls and asks them about their day.  The only thing is she doesn't get to chat long with us when we do see her.  We thought it was very sweet of her to ask to come and "chat and play" with us in our home this week.  She really enjoys the girls (and Jared) and just wanted to come and hang out with us.  So sweet!

I got a few snapshots of the kids with her.  The girls were in heaven when she came.  It was like we were hosting the President or something - Ha! ;)  They wanted to show her around the house and bring out any and all favorites of theirs to her, e.g. books, toys, artwork.  I really hope and pray that the girls can have her for 1st grade in a few years! :D

Suzan, Anna, Brielle, Jared and Bethany with Mrs. P.  Cute! :)
Then Mrs. P said "let's do a silly face one!"  Ha! ;)
Aren't teachers the BEST?!  A great one is a rare and precious jewel! :)
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