Friday, November 30, 2012

A visit by Mrs. P

We love Mrs. P!  Jared had her as his teacher in 1st grade.  She is the sweetest 1st grade teacher!  Well, the girls now know what teachers Jared had previously and so they love seeing his past teachers at his school.  It happens that Mrs. P is one we see regularly.  She's always there when we pick up Jared from school and she always says "hi!" to the girls and asks them about their day.  The only thing is she doesn't get to chat long with us when we do see her.  We thought it was very sweet of her to ask to come and "chat and play" with us in our home this week.  She really enjoys the girls (and Jared) and just wanted to come and hang out with us.  So sweet!

I got a few snapshots of the kids with her.  The girls were in heaven when she came.  It was like we were hosting the President or something - Ha! ;)  They wanted to show her around the house and bring out any and all favorites of theirs to her, e.g. books, toys, artwork.  I really hope and pray that the girls can have her for 1st grade in a few years! :D

Suzan, Anna, Brielle, Jared and Bethany with Mrs. P.  Cute! :)
Then Mrs. P said "let's do a silly face one!"  Ha! ;)
Aren't teachers the BEST?!  A great one is a rare and precious jewel! :)
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Monday, November 26, 2012

Our Thanksgiving

We spent another Thanksgiving in California again this year.  We had fun!  We were able to go to Disneyland again (woo hoo!), visited with extended family on Turkey Day and then went to the beach on Black Friday.  The kids are such great travelers and always have fun on vacation!

Enjoy the pics!

The girls' class made a Thanksgiving turkey this year. Their teacher had each child take home a feather to decorate. Then, she put them all together on the turkey. It's fun to see the uniqueness of each child!
Suzan's feather
Bethany's feather

Anna's feather

Brielle's feather
On the road to Cali for Thanksgiving!

I sat by Suzan and Brielle. They wanted to try on my sunglasses. I think they rock my glasses better than me ;)

You know you are in California when you start to see the windmills. Near Palm Springs.
That and the dinosaurs. I remember visiting these guys when I was Jared's age!
Grammy and our 5
We're at Disneyland! Maria, Jared, Anna, Bethany Brielle, Suzan and Paul
Disneyland is ALWAYS beautiful this time of year! Already decorated for Christmas! Love it!
Main Street USA
Suzan, Brielle, Bethany, Jared and Anna with Walt Disney and Mickey (in the background)
Our crazy 5 waiting in line ;) Actually, they did great!!
The Dumbo ride...Jared
Paul with Brielle and Anna
Bethany (and Suzan) with Mama
The Mad Hatter Tea Cups ride
Suzan was my crazy driver/spinner ;D
The kids riding on Sir Arthur's Carousel ride...Jared
We HAD to see the princesses! That's for sure! Brielle, Suzan, Bethany and Anna with Snow White
Suzan, Bethany, Brielle and Anna with Jasmine
And Suzan, Bethany Brielle and Anna with Cinderella. Then, these princesses had to "go back to the castle and take a rest" so we also got to see Mulan, Belle and Tiana come over ;)
The kids riding Gadget's Go Coaster! Bethany and Jared
Anna and Brielle. Paul in the back ;)
Suz with Mama :D
All Aboard! The Disneyland Railroad! Anna, Jared and Bethany
Paul and Brielle
Suzan and Maria

What do we do while we are waiting in line? Take random pictures ;D...Bethany (Jared peeking in!)
Bethany, again
Riding Buzz Lightyear's Alien Laser ride...Jared and Bethany
Oooo! Psychedelic! Paul with Brielle and Anna
This was the first year Jared was tall enough to drive on Autopia BY HIMSELF! He was THRILLED!
Who is behind me, bumping my tail? Oh, of course! Paul and Anna ;D
Oh my! I'm letting THESE TWO drive!?!?! Bethany and Suzan! Watch out! ;D
Paul and the girls went back for naps. So Jared and I caught some new rides and sights for us! He LOVED seeing ASIMO, a robot built by Honda.
Jared REALLY loved this! He loves any and all robots!
Jared, with the Matterhorn in the background
Yes, remember what we do while in line? Take random pictures ;)

He and I on the Rocket Ship ride
Waiting in line for the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. He is giving me his best "argh matey!" ;D
Hm...what if I Photoshopped in a pirates hat? Better? Ha! :D
Paul and the girls met us up again, after naps, for the Disneyland Christmas parade. It's always fun and beautiful!

Oooo! The princesses are back!
Santa, always at the end of the parade!
Disneyland always has a fireworks show in the evening. We found the perfect spot, by the water at Nemo's Submarine ride.
Ahhhh! Cinderella's castle, all lit up! So beautiful!
Thanksgiving at Aunt Norma's!  Here, Brielle
Jared, playing a game with Grammy and cousin Andrew
Aunt Michele, Uncle Darwin and Uncle Todd
Cousin Teri with Paige's little girly :)
Aunts Norma (who ALWAYS hosts/cooks Thanksgiving dinner for us all!) and Donna
Cousin Audrey with boyfriend, Keita
Anna with Grammy :)

Cousin Matsuki with one of her twin boys
And the other one, leaning on her ;)
The "kids table" (or Carlson table, however you want to call it ;) ). I always bring lots of things (e.g. crafts, toys, projects) for the kids to entertain themselves with
Aunt Candy and Cousin Audrey :)
On the day after Thanksgiving (Black Friday), we went to Huntington Beach for some beach time
Even though it is overcast, lots of people were out and about...playing beach volleyball
...Or riding some (COLD!) waves
Jared, Anna, Suzan, Brielle and Bethany on the pier

Our family on the pier
Lots of pelicans out, flying around
We witnessed a gentleman catch and reel this thing in! I believe it is a sand fish?! It almost looks like a stingray or shark!
The kids looking for sea shells :)

We leave you, California, but we will be back next year! See you then!
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