Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

**Updated with more pictures!** I think the kids have been counting down until Halloween since September - Ha! ;)  The 5 of them had fun this evening.  The girls were really into it this year.  They couldn't wait to dress up as their princess.  Jared also had fun dressing up as an Army man.  He looked so cool and he received lots of comments from neighbors.  Of course, the girls got a lot of "ooo!"s and "awe!"s too :)

The kids carving our pumpkin. Gotta get out those icky gooeys!
Jared did 99% of the carving this year! Way to go Bud
All done! It's Mickey Mouse! :D
The kids ready to trick-or-treat! Brielle, Jared, Anna, Bethany and Suzan
Hope you all had a safe a fun Halloween!  Hopefully we'll be out of our sugar coma by, oh, next week ;D
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