Friday, August 17, 2012

Movies from the library

I love that you can check out movies from the library.  You can't beat it!  Why go to the theater...ever?
  • Movie price = $0.
  • You can have the movie checked out for 7 days.  So, you can watch it over and over for the week, if you want, or you can watch half one night and the rest the next night (that's us...we physically can't stay up late anymore - Ha! ;) ).  Or you can pause it for an "intermission break."
  • No need to pay for a baby sitter for the evening out.  We watch after the kids are tucked into bed.
  • Or the need pay for dinner out before the flick.  Well, you can always order in or get take out, I guess.  I'm thinking along the lines of pizza delivery or Pei Wei take out - yum!
  • Flexible "showing times."  Basically, you can watch it whenever for the entire week!
  • Have friends over and make a party with it!  For cheap!
  • No fighting with theater parking, ticket lines, finding a good seat and overpriced food/goodies.  Hey, I can always pick up something yummy at the store for our movie night, like M&Ms...or ice cream...or fresh-out-of-the-oven chocolate chip cookies...or homemade kettle corn :)
For us, we never need to see the movie right when it's out.  We can wait until it's on DVD and then at our library.  I (we) usually keep a running list of new movies that we'd like to see.  When they come out on DVD, I just log in to our library's online system and place a hold on the movie.  Yes, sometimes the movie is quite popular (we're currently 27th in the queue for "The Lorax" for the kiddos to enjoy) but we can always wait until it's our turn for the movie.  It even beats the RedBox $1.31 PER NIGHT price!

We've been able to see lots of new movies through our library..."Hop," "Green Lantern," "Captain America," "The Help," "Cars 2," any of the "Harry Potter" movies and many more.  I tell you, it's the way to go!  It's so economical and flexible!  I LOVE it! :)
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