Monday, July 16, 2012

We survived our 1st camping trip!

We weren't gone long (2 nights) but it was just enough for us to try/attempt tent camping with our crew.  Lots of fun, MAJOR excitement (can you say 3- or 4-hour monsoon storm?!?!), dirt all over the place, beautiful lake and pine tree views and 400 pictures documenting our 1st camping trip.  The 7 of us went up north with Grammy and Cousin Tyler.  9 people + all of our camping gear crammed into our 12-passenger van - whoa nelly!

Here, a picture of Anna.  I just had to laugh at how dirty our girls got.  Any minute they got was spent finding bugs, digging in fine black dirt, picking flowers or chasing after chipmunks.  Fun :)
I have lots more pictures to go through (remember, 400!) so there are more cute ones to come.

While sitting at a restaurant eating lunch on our drive home today, I asked around the table "what was your favorite part about camping?"  Here's what everyone came up with :)

Jared - fishing with Dad and Tyler in the boat on the lake (no fish caught but they still had fun)
Tyler - just being outdoors
Grammy - rooming (and laughing) with her 2 grandsons (she was a trooper having two boys, an 8yo and an almost 15yo, in a tent with her :) )
Maria - walking around the lake with the girls and Grammy.  And just enjoying the views of the lake and pines in the early morning
Paul - fishing with Tyler and Jared in the boat on the lake
Suzan - coloring (we made friends with some other campers who had 2 young kids so the girls enjoyed playing/coloring with them a bit)
Brielle - being on the boat with Dad (Paul took the girls, 2 at a time, out onto the boat for a boat ride!)
Bethany - the rain (we experienced a monsoon torrential downpour our second evening - Oh man!  That was a ride in itself!!!!)
Anna - playing in the dirt - Ha! :D
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Suzan said...

I can't wait to hear all about it. 3-4 hours of!

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