Thursday, July 05, 2012

Swimming with quads

No, not just swimming with our quads but swimming with our quad friends!  Yay!  We got to swim and play with the C quads one last time before they head back home.  We had fun with them!  I thought it was fun and cute to see quads playing with quads.  Call me silly, I guess ;)  The C's are a sweet family and we pray for the best for them!  Maybe God will bring you all back to Arizona someday soon, who knows!  If so, you know we'll want to play and hang out again :D

All of the kiddos (2 sets of quads + 3 singleton older siblings) swimming
After swimming, a little snack before the quads table. Gotta love this!!!! :D
And the "big kids" table
Thanks again Kami and kids!  Have a safe drive home!
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