Thursday, July 05, 2012

Summer swim lessons = LOTS OF FUN!

Swim lessons are in full swing! The kids are taking 3 sessions of swim lessons this summer, all through our Parks & Rec Programs. That's a total of 24 days of swimming...that's 12 hours total for each girl and 20 hours total for Jared. Whoa! The best part? They REALLY love the lessons and swimming - Yay!

Here are just a "few" pics of the kids having fun swimming. Enjoy! :)

Jared ready for his swim lessons
Anna all ready for lessons!
And Brielle
Brielle's first class
Suzan's first class
Notice the empty blue spot in the water? That's Brielle that just bobbed under! Go Brielle!
Brielle kicking
Jared's first class, in the lane part of the pool
Jared doing the backstroke
Anna in her first class
Yes, Anna and Bethany were together in their class ;)
The next session's class.  Here, Anna swimming with the instructor
Bethany's turn
Brielle's turn
That's Suzan swimming on the left.  Notice Anna, Bethany and Brielle (yes, all together in one class) "lounging?"  Ha! ;D
"hi girls!"
Suzan LOVED her "Coach Austin" whom she had for the second session. She still chases him down, waves and says "hi!" to him at the pool.  She'll even give him a hug - cute! :D
Jared out in the deep/diving end doing a backstroke
His class getting ready for diving. His instructor was the twin brother to Suzan's "favorite" instructor. How cool is that?
Jared diving in!
Jared, in the middle, on a board doing a side stroke
And now Jared's class, along with some other classes, playing "Sharks & Minnows"
We only have 1 more week of swim lessons left then we are done for the summer!  We still have our backyard pool which we will get into and swim as MUCH as possible.  Soon (like in 2 weeks!) we'll be going back to school!  Until then, we will enjoy every.single.minute of what's left of our summer break - Yay! :D
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