Sunday, July 22, 2012

Summer recap - Science Center

A friend (thanks Steph H!) let me know about a special summer reading program through our Governor's Office. Kids could read 5 books from the Governor's list and receive a free admission to our Science Center in town. Well, since our kids love to read and/or be read to, we knew we couldn't pass this up! So we finally were able to go to the Science Center while cousin Tyler was in town. We had a fun 3 hours looking at all of the cool exhibits and hands-on experiments. I hope the Governor does this program next summer, as I know our kids will enjoy going again!

Cousin Tyler, Bethany, Suzan, Jared, Grammy, Anna and Suzan in front of the Arizona Science Center
Outside they had a cool exhibit that featured all the things that water can do, like lift balls into the air and onto tracks or go down a tornado

This table had buttons that you would push and water would lift cymbals, hit pipes or rattle drums, all to make music
This is the "Many Hands Make a Home" room
Suzan and Bethany trying their hand at plumbing
Tyler and Suzan checking out what's on the inside of house walls
Jared figuring out what appliances blow out a circuit. It's always the hair dryer! ;)
We got to see someone put on a "reactions demonstration." That was too cool!
In the "All About Me" room the girls went through the stomach. Funny sounds come out of that place! ;D
In the "Get Charged Up" room Anna had fun learning about motion - Ha! ;)
Suzan too :)
And Brielle learned about the different types of pulleys
Jared had fun making his own electricity to light up a light bulb or make a fan turn around
Ah yes, let's see who can win at pulling the lever down. Tyler...
Or the girls? Notice that the girls had better leverage based on where they were pulling from (higher versus Tyler who was pulling at a lower angle)
Brielle was brave enough to try out the bed of nails. With more than 1,000 nails, each nail supports only a fraction of your weight so the nails won’t hurt you.
We had fun in the "Forces of Nature" room. Here, Grammy and the kids learning about erosion. It was also fun to stand in the Immersion Theater, where we experienced what it feels like to be in the middle of a hurricane, tornado, wildfire, volcanic eruption, or monsoon.
And lastly Solarville, where we learned all the different ways to create energy
We grabbed a sandwich lunch after the Science Center. Here, cousin Tyler let Bethany wear his hat :)
Or maybe this way? ;)
Then all of the kids wanted me to take their picture...Anna
And a funny-eyed Tyler. We love our cousin Tyler LOTS! :)
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